kill up to 99.9%
of foot infection
causing microorganisms

Sterishoe is here and is clinically proven to help you
Say Goodbye to; Athlete’s foot, Shoe Odour, and Toenail fungus

Introducing Sterishoe

The London Nail Laser Clinic, leaders in the treatment of fungal infections, are proud to bring to you the SteriShoe® sanitiser. This is an innovative foot care product that provides a healthier environment for your feet by sanitising the inside of your shoes. It’s clinically proven to be effective in killing up to 99.9% of problematic microorganisms causing infections of the foot.

Using germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC), the SteriShoe® shoe sanitiser kills the organisms that cause toe nail fungus, Athlete’s foot and shoe odour. Plus, SteriShoe® is:

  1. Very easy, safe and convenient to use.
  2. Completely chemical and drug free.
  3. A must for diabetics as part of their general foot care regimen.
  4. Perfect for keeping smelly, sweaty shoes and trainers clean and healthy.
  5. Helps prevent Athletes Foot and skin or nail infections

The London Nail Laser Clinic is the sole supplier of the UK SteriShoe.


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